Monday, April 28, 2014

Want to see who got a VD at VSBrooks?

We'd wish everyone here at VSBrooks got a VD. No, not that kind of a VD! A Vivian and Diana Award of course, celebrating our unique abilities and traits. I you haven't heard about our VD awards, you can catch a quick recap here of last year's inaugural awards.

Each year, categories are chosen to reflect VSB's year in review. An emergency room theme was chosen in homage to our new Creative Triage meeting room, which will explain the doctor's lab coats and scrubs in the pictures.

Alongside the surprising (and not so surprising) wins this year, we had a special guest presenter, Ingrid. Seems like we can't get rid of her, how VD-like!

Each winner has more than earned his or her awards this year. Take a look:


The “She just won't go away” VD goes to the person who we just can't seem to get rid of.

This year's winner: Ingrid


The “Got #swag” VD goes to the trendsetter, the fresh dresser, the “walk the walker.” S/he got game.

This year's winner: Saul


The “AEP MVP” VD. We wouldn’t have survived AEP without her/him.

This year's winner: Nicky


The “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” VD.  This person ain’t got no problem telling you no. And will snap her/his fingers while telling you so.

This year's winner: Maria


The “Repressed Copywriter” VD.  Not a copywriter, but apparently hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

This year's winner: Karina


The “Jessie Spano” VD. "There’s no time. There’s never any time!!!!"

This year's winner: Allyson


The “Can Out-Twerk Miley” VD.  Miley Cyrus has nothing on these twerking skills.

This year's winner: Alex


The “I’ll Never Take You Home to Mom” VD.  You wouldn’t take this person home because you know that it will turn out like a scene from Meet the Fockers.

This year's winner: Claudia


The “Tom Cruise on a Couch” VD.  This person is SO deliriously enthusiastic, s/he might just start jumping on the couches in the VSB Lounge.

This year's winner: Junior


The “Every time you say ‘process,’ it makes me want to drink” VD. You know what we’re talking about.

This year's winner: Vivian


The “Least Likely to get a VD” VD.  Not once did you consider this person earlier in this list. The sidelines are a safe place for her/him to watch all the madness of VSB, while trying not to make eye contact with the rest of us crazies.

This year's winner: Lisa

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