Thursday, March 26, 2015

The VSB Wall Project - Why Do We Have Swings?

This past December, the agency bid adieu to our once welcoming living wall.

After numerous attempts to save the plants that once decorated the backdrop of our reception area, the existence of our living wall came to a grave end. Today, what welcomes guests to the agency is a wall with the absence of life and what seems to be a pair of randomly placed swings.

Don’t worry. The void left by our living wall may be no more thanks to the VSB Wall Challenge!

Due to the emptiness of our reception area, Vivian and Diana roamed the office one afternoon and began placing a creative brief on everyone’s desk. The brief tasked the agency with determining what would replace the living wall and the reasoning behind why our agency has swings.

With two weeks to germinate creative ideas, all interested worked to become the crème of the crop. These ideas were placed on a white board in our creative triage for all to review and discuss.

From Miami street art to the hanging of our underwear, the pool of submissions was quite impressive. So when asked how they would determine a winner, Vivian and Diana only had one option – Shark Tank style.