Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We’re Loving Rob’s #VSBrooksDayOff

Yesterday Roberto Canales, the youngest member of our Client Service team, won the first VSBrooks Day Off with $50 extra bucks to help finance his newfound freedom. The only catch? Have some Ferris Bueller-style fun and share one social media post about it. That was it. But we were not prepared for how high the bar would be set for the next winner.

Rob immediately went to town—Wynwood to be exact—posting 2 funny, hashtag-happy videos on Vine, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on his way there! Soon after he shared more quirky photos of himself at the Wynwood wall, galleries and eateries. But last night he outdid himself, and our expectations with this Vimeo…  really blew us away! This morning it was all we could talk about at the agency. We are in awe of his creativity and sense of fun, because that’s what VSBrooks is all about. Well done, young Rob!

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

VSBrooks Day Off from Rob Canales on Vimeo.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rob Canales: First Winner of VSBrooks’ Day Off.

Today was our Monday morning all-company meeting, a monthly breakfast meeting where we were expecting the usual announcements and reports—both the good and not-so-good ones. But people had been asked to bring their business cards to this meeting…. Was it some kind of raffle? A parking space? We had no idea.

Then Vivian, Partner and head creative, read a line from her favorite philosopher of fun, Ferris Bueller:
Life moves pretty fast! If you dont stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

She announced that she was going to draw a card from the bowl and the employee whose name was on that card would be given the rest of the day off, starting NOW, to do whatever he/she wanted. She then paused, grinned and explained that this was not simply a day to go home and catch up on neglected laundry, this was a day to “Live and do whatever you want — the one caveat: Post at least one photo of your fun day on social media and tag it #VSBrooksDayOff.” Then reaching into her back pocket, she pulled out $50 and tossed them into the bowl as an added incentive for the winner to enjoy this momentous fling at unrestrained freedom.

Forget the coffee, everyone’s eyes were now fully awake, open and fixed on the bowl as her hand reached inside and picked the card. She turned it over and read “Roberto Canales.” Rob, our newest member of Client Services, didn’t believe us—so we had to practically push him out the door.

We’ll keep you posted on his escapades.  Let’s watch @robotocan go!