Thursday, March 26, 2015

The VSB Wall Project - Why Do We Have Swings?

This past December, the agency bid adieu to our once welcoming living wall.

After numerous attempts to save the plants that once decorated the backdrop of our reception area, the existence of our living wall came to a grave end. Today, what welcomes guests to the agency is a wall with the absence of life and what seems to be a pair of randomly placed swings.

Don’t worry. The void left by our living wall may be no more thanks to the VSB Wall Challenge!

Due to the emptiness of our reception area, Vivian and Diana roamed the office one afternoon and began placing a creative brief on everyone’s desk. The brief tasked the agency with determining what would replace the living wall and the reasoning behind why our agency has swings.

With two weeks to germinate creative ideas, all interested worked to become the crème of the crop. These ideas were placed on a white board in our creative triage for all to review and discuss.

From Miami street art to the hanging of our underwear, the pool of submissions was quite impressive. So when asked how they would determine a winner, Vivian and Diana only had one option – Shark Tank style.

On March 13th, the VSB Wall Challenge contestants entered the Shark Tank. The sharks were none other than Vivian (our Barbara) and Diana (our Ms. Wonderful); the audience was the entire agency.

The rules were as follows:
  •  Pitch your idea for the wall
  • The sharks will then critique your presentation
  • After all have presented, VS & B will determine the two finalists
  • The agency will then vote for a winning idea
The pitches were great, but the show is what was perfect. Our Sharks did not hesitate to question every idea, and it made for some comical morning fun. From investment offers to the inclusion of royalties, the Shark Tank took a life of its own en route to our final decision.

After a quick deliberation, Vivian and Diana narrowed the field down to the following options:

Interactive Digital Wall
When it comes to remembering swings, it’s not about where you were but what you saw. The scene always changed but the memories remained a constant. As opposed to static art, the digital wall uses a projector to change the backdrop to the needs of the day. The inclusion of a webcam would allow for an interactive feature in which we could develop our own games, scenes, and more! Naturally, this idea came from the digitally driven minds of our boys over at InspiraD3.

The Saying Swings
The swings in our office represent the nostalgic need to be pushed. When we were young, we were constantly asking for someone to push us higher and higher so that we could see more – so that we could see a bigger picture. With a window to the outside world, and a quote box that would display weekly doses of inspiration, the Saying Swings would represent the connection between the diverse world outside and the unique characters in this office that will push clients to reach new heights and see bigger pictures.

After votes were submitted and reviewed by our auditor (Lisa from Accounting), the results determined that the winner of the VSB Wall Challenge was….

Interactive Digital Wall
By Eric Zamorano & Danny Timiraos 

We’re sure the InspiraD3 team is more than excited to begin developing apps, games, and backgrounds for our new interactive wall. You’ll just have to swing by sometime in the near future to see it all for yourself.

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