Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last month we were part of a momentous event here at VSBrooks. VDs were spread around the office last Thursday. You’d expect some of the recipients to have gotten one, but others who got a VD were a total surprise! We gasped in shock, jaw dropped and maybe a little ashamed for the person, too.

I’m talking about our first annual VD Awards ceremony. What? Oh, you thought I was talking about venereal diseases? Omg, get your head out of the gutter! We’re a real business - we wouldn’t be talking about that! VD stands for Vivian and Diana, the co-founders of the agency. DUH.

The attire? Retro prom. No joke. And the signature drinks? Jell-O shots and blackberry mojito punch. All were recipes for an assured retro good time.

The winners of 10 different categories received their own, customized award – each of which was created with the broken nails, sweat, and frustration of our social committee.

Bordello Hours Award: 
For the person who consistently works so late, they may as well keep the hours of a woman of the night. Whether it’s because they can’t think until they’ve had their coffee, or simply because there’s so much work to be done.

Winner: Cristy Gaston

I’ve Got a Story About That, Too Award: 
This one was a close running. Between Barbara’s “back in Chicago” stories, Nicky’s “back in high school” stories, and Diana’s stories trumping everyone else’s, we had a number of contenders. But one seems to have more stories than the rest.

Winner: Barbara Marchena

¡Allá Tu! Award: 
We’re often overwhelmed, with brain pains from thinking so hard deciphering cryptic client emails, or coming up with creative and strategies that are bueno, bonito, y barato. This category is for the person most likely to hit their wall and say, “I don’t know. You deal with your decision and conscience!”

Winner: Vivian Santos

Tim the Tool Man Award: 
For the handiest person in the VSBrooks family. Now go build us a bookshelf or something.

Winner: Larry Forteleoni

Cutest Couple That Never Was Award: 
This one was a two-for. The winners of this category hands down spend the most amount of time together in the office. They practically have their own agency that we endearingly call T-Mena. And the greatest scandal of it all? One of them is knocked up with another man’s baby!

Winners: Daniel Timiraos and Gaby Zamorano

Most Likely to Throw a Chair On Jerry Springer Award:
In short - for the person who is most likely to lose their sh*t and break something. In other words STAY AWAY WHEN ANGRY.

Winner: Marlene Torres

Most Likely to Corrupt the Minds of Young Children Award:
I think this one’s pretty self-explanatory. But why him, you may ask? Let’s just say he walks around the office telling the women to go make a sandwich for him (jokingly, of course. We hope…for his safety).

Winner: Junior Jimenez

Most Likely to End Up In the Hospital Award:
If we each got a penny for the amount of times we hear this winner say “ouch!” or hear a bang from knocking into something just after she’s passed right by you, we’d be richer than…well, we wouldn’t be in advertising.

Winner: Nicky Goicouria

The Beep Award:
This category is for the person who took George Carlin’s list of seven dirty words and turned it into the only words in her lexicon. We had a clear winner here. Her favorite one? It starts with F and rhymes with muck.

Winner: Diana Brooks

The Dapper Dan Award:
Suspenders? Check. Perfectly pressed pants and button down shirt? Check. Color coordinated sneakers and graphic tee? Check. This guy definitely has a full-length mirror at home – and uses it!

Winner: Saul Angeles

The awards ceremony was such a hit that we’ll be doing this again. So watch yourself, because next year you could be the one to get a VD.

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  1. How fun!
    Barbara, I remember those Chicago stories. We've shared a couple jajaja