Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photo Apps…Free and Worth It?

iPhones, Andriods, Galaxy and everything else, we all have some kind of device we use for photos and videos.  Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, Mumblr, Twitter and Bitter or any other social outlet you use, a good photo is hard to pass up. You’ve seen ’em, you’ve liked em, you’ve posted on em, so why not get all of your photos noticed? 

It starts with a few basic rules – composition, lighting, and focal points – but equipment plays a large role, as well. Here are some enhancers for your devices that can help shape your memories to be.

And btw, all of these apps are free...

Photo Editor:  This is a decent app – similar to another one called Aviary. Both apps mentioned have a text 
editing option, but with Photo editor you can upload photos to social media outlets 
through the app itself.  

Pixlromatic:   This one’s a good app. It’s very decent for the iPad, and good for the iPhone, as well. It’s
        has a wide selection of filters and effects, and you can mix some of them together. Great
results are what you get, in my opinion. You can upload your enhanced photos to a      
                        predetermined selection of social sites, but not every single one out there.

Awesome: If you love to take pictures, this is definately worth having. It has focus options, composition 
options, and offers sharing onto many existing social and photo sites. One LARGE
drawback, however, is that it doesn’t use the new OS feature for the iPhone so the volume 
volume button doesn't work for the shutter. 

Instagram: I would use this app as a last consideration, and only for social media sharing reasons. 
It’s very useful in that you get cool effects-control options. Instagram has limited editing 
abilities, but is good for people who don’t know photo editing software so well. 
You need an account in order to upload your own photos or view other people’s.

They’re worth checking out, and most apps mentioned above have recently been on top 10 lists of free apps, so if you haven’t seen or heard of them by now, I recommend you check them out.There are paid apps out there worth considering, but get your feet wet with these first. You’ll find that most of the time, they can get the job done and you’ll have plenty of options to explore and play with.

Written by: Saul Angles

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