Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Latest Photo Contest Highlights the VSBrooks Advertising Offices.

   Phone cameras were snapping all around the office last week, culminating into this week's Photo Contest. The latest contest subject was “Furniture.” We decided to shoot furniture in or around the office, since we’re proud of our home décor.

Here are all the contest entrees, followed by the winner!

Barb Marchena
Edith Nardo

Eric Zamorano
Jaime Rubianogroot

Tito Montesante
Yisel Zas

Gabriella Zamorano

Ingrid Trigo de Serrano/Nicole Goicouria
Junior Jimenez

Olivia Errasti

Diana Brooks

Daniel Timiraos

Vivian Santos

And the winner is...

Becky Benitez!

It was similar in subject to Gaby, but our judge felt it really captured the feel of the subject. Stay tuned for future photo challenges!

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