Tuesday, December 4, 2012

VSBrooks’ Favorite Holiday Movies.

It’s that hectic time of year again when you’re trimming the tree, rigging the lights or shopping like mad. But there’s always time to sit and watch your favorite holiday movies. Here are the bid favorites around the office. Maybe they’ll inspire you to make time for your favorite holiday flick.

Marlene Torres loves The Santa Clause. All 10 sequels, too.

Junior Jimenez prefers a little tear jerking with his eggnog, thus he has The Family Stone on his watch list. He also likes Nothing Like The Holidays. “It reminds me of my crazy family in NYC… the fictional one.”


Daniel Timiraos and Maria Williams stick to the traditional A Charlie Brown Christmas. “We watched this every year and it reminds me of my childhood and the innocence of still believing in Santa. The soundtrack is still my all time favorite Christmas CD.” – Maria Williams

In stark contrast, Diana Brooks and Nicky Goicouria never miss Elf. “’Congratulations...World's BEST cup of coffee! You did it!!!!!’ “when he gets to NYC)…Haha LOVE that movie! All time favorite!” – Nicole Goicouria

Olivia Errasti loves Home Alone because “I would have loved to pull even just half the pranks Macaulay Culkin did!!! I STILL would love to do that.”

Cristina Alvarez loves The Wizard of Oz. Who doesn't, really? Even though she did agree she would join Olivia in Home Alone-ish hijinks.

Gabriela Zamorano never misses A Christmas Story. According to Gaby, “Who hasn't had to convince their parents to get them something for Christmas?” It also helps that the movie gets played about a million times during the month of December, so it’s hard to miss.

In between multiple viewings of A Christmas Story with Gaby, Eric Zamorano watches Ace Ventura Pet Detective. “Best movie ever, no matter what the holiday.”

Barbara Marchena loves Miracle on 34th Street. Why? “Because when I was little, it just reinforced my belief in Santa Claus (at the time).”

Yisel Zas likes a not-so-classic movie based on a very classic book The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. “I am not a fan of the holidays. My family calls me Little Grinch. This movie is perfect and I have very high hopes that one day my heart will grow three sizes and I will love Christmas, lol.”

Vivian Santos was a late entry into the list. She just assumed “us youngins” would have mentioned “the best feel good Christmas film ever,” It’s a Wonderful Life. Is that movie in color or black and white?

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know what it is. We’re always looking for a new movie to watch to pass the time while wrapping gifts.

Happy Holidays!

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