Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fundraising in Paradise.

South Florida has long been deemed one of the playgrounds of the wealthy.  The southernmost parts of our peninsula, along with parts of California and New York, are where people think fundraising for worthy causes should be a breeze because everyone has money, right? Not necessarily.

Our local newspaper recently shed light on how difficult the fundraising environment has become, due to many economic factors beyond the control of nonprofit agencies. In this climate of uncertainty and change, gaining the attention and trust of supporters is very challenging, putting the onus on agencies to be creative.

At VSBrooks Advertising, being creative is what we do daily. But no one said coming up with unique, eye-catching, funny, thought-provoking, engaging and interactive ways to gain support was easy. Yet, when charged with leading Feeding South Florida onto new paths of revenue-generation and mass communication, Diana Brooks, one of our founders and the board chair of FSF, came up with a few ideas that even impressed The Miami Herald.  

We’re proud of Diana and any idea we can generate that will help keep a person from going hungry. Because if you can’t use your talent to help others, really … what good is it?

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