Friday, November 12, 2010


By: Vivian Santos

   You would think that after 30 years in the Advertising Business (15 of them as the VS of VSBrooks) I would be used to it. But, I’m not afraid to say it, “I’m still in awe that it works!”
   Diana (she’s the Brooks of VSBrooks) and I still get hives right before a campaign is about to break. Like the one that is about to happen Monday, Nov 15. This year AEP (that’s Annual Election Period for those of you who are neither in healthcare nor retired) is only until December 31, which means we only have 45 days to get seniors to switch from their health insurance plan to OURS!
   This year we’re going to keep calm and not surrender to our usual obsession. I refuse to be outside at 5 am waiting for the Miami Herald to be delivered. And Diana is NOT going to TiVo every commercial, on every station we’re on! We’ve done our job and it’s going to work! Why do I know this? Because we are professionals, damn it! And we know what we’re doing.

 One. We live and breathe the brand.
 Two. We know what our 65+ seniors want even before they know it.
 Three. Our strategy is straight-out on the money! Did you know that Seniors (65% of them) still get their news from TV?
 Four. Our creative works, it’s that simple. We make sure we have a message that is clear, honest and informative.
 Five. We light a candle and say a little prayer.
 So I’m going to relax and enjoy the ride. Taking comfort that we’ve done a damn good job!

   Oh-oh, my husband is beginning to stir, I’d better close my laptop and get back to sleep. Or maybe I should just get up? I’ll make breakfast for us - I WILL NOT GO OUTSIDE TO GET THE PAPER. Although ...the dog DOES have to pee. It’s not fair to make him suffer just to prove my point and if the paper is already there, might as well pick it up, right?

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