Friday, October 8, 2010

Hey clients! If you think your customers aren’t paying attention…. Think again my friends.

By: Diana Brooks
It seems that Gap, the retail chain, who in my opinion, is a branding champion, recently launched a new logo on their website. They've spent the last two years working hard "evolving" the brand, convincing themselves within the confines of their four walls, that they needed a new contemporary and hip logo, that still honored the heritage of the brand.

Not a big deal to your common, cattle-herded customer, right?

   So here’s the funny part... they changed it, very quietly, as part of an overall rebranding strategy. And their customers went nuts! They flocked to their social media outlets, enraged and betrayed by the brand they had been so loyal to. As an agency owner, I have to admit I feel vindicated.
   After years upon years droning on to clients about how important a logo is, and a brand is, and blah blah blah ad nauseum… I feel great to be able to read this article and say :


I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!”

   Even the greats have to learn the hard way how important your customer is, how you have to keep them in mind every step of your strategic way, how RESEARCH will SAVE you money and more importantly, how people EMOTIONALLY connect to your brand.

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  1. Well as of today, gap announced that they'd be retuning to their original logo...

  2. Very well said. Thank you for writing this article. I absolutely agree!