Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What the beginning of an effective rebrand looks like...

As part of our rebranding strategy for Navarro Discount Pharmacies, we put together a comprehensive marketing study tailored specifically to the Hispanic pharmacy chain.

Along with traditional demographic and marketing studies, we employed our guerilla research to identify the demographic qualities of the current Navarro customers (Juana) as well as an untaped customer base (Carmen).

Seems like we hit the nail on the head (again)!

Navarro has adopted the brand recommendations whole heartedly and together we are moving forward on the rebranding efforts.

The Miami Herald has just published an front page article today that delineates our recommendations and the marketing directions we provided to Navarro. As the article states, "Navarro Discount Pharmacies wants to be known as more than just the store where abuelita shops."

Want to hear more about Juana and Carmen? Check out the article here.

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